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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ravitch Home Raided

Police Blotter - New York
Police personnel from the Critical Incident Unit broke into education historian Diane Ravitch's home after she failed to Tweet or blog for a full forty-five minutes yesterday.

"Our department received numerous 911 calls from concerned followers of Ravitch's Twitter and blog accounts, so we had to respond," explained Captain Mark Deral.

It turns out the outspoken critic of educational policies such as high-stakes testing was merely taking a nap.  "She was very surprised to see us while we were mostly relieved." Deral said.

Through a spokesperson, Ravitch said she would try to be more vigilant in her communication.


  1. She blogs more than she tweets now; at a superhuman pace for sure. I suspect she must have a household of elves writing for her.

  2. The true "Superwoman", Diane Ravitch! She is a genuine American hero---and a hero for all of humanity. Kudos to her for bringing so many critical issues to the forefront!

    However, in her wisdom, Ms. Ravitch would be the first to tell us that we shouldn't be "waiting" for her, or anyone else, in the struggle to save our schools and the very concept of public education.

    WE are the "ones we've been waiting for". We parents. We students. We teachers. We staff and administrators. It's time for US to speak out, loudly and aggressively! (But with firm politeness and respect for the other person, of course!)

    It's a difficult time we're living through, and the garbage that is tossed in the face of teachers---and the students and parents who back them up---is beginning to be met with a pushback.

    I'm feeling optimistic, despite it all, about the future. We who believe in REAL reform of our schools---so that they can better resemble the schools of Finland, for instance---have been shut out of this national dialogue.

    But...we're pushing ourselves into it...just wait.

  3. Thank you, Leonie and Anonymous.
    Teachers and parents are beginning to realize that there is a full-court press to privatize public education.
    The privatizers say they are leading a "civil rights revolution."
    What a sense of humor they have!
    Yes, the change begins with you.
    Diane Ravitch