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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheating on Exams: Teacher Colleges Offer New Course

This Just In...
Several teacher colleges are now offering classes designed to improve student exam scores the old fashioned way: by cheating.

"Yesterday we practiced coughing and saying the letter "B" at the same time," said Martha Whitely a fourth grade teacher at John Lindsey Public School in Staten Island.  "Next week we are going to learn how to seat students so they can share answers."

Fordham University's Dean of Education is pleased with the course's popularity.  "We have opened three sections of 'Cheating for Success' and we still can't meet demand," smiled Dean Dorothy Eppis.

When asked to comment, Mayor Bloomberg said he was glad to know that next year's math and ELA scores will be good ones.

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  1. Sign me up, that way I can get a bonus when my students do well on the exams!