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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have You Heard The One About....

...the woman who enrolled her child in a new school?  After the principal welcomed them to the learning community, the mother made a request, "It is very important to me that my child have a first year teacher."

The principal responded with a nod, "We have several first year teachers on staff."

The woman continued, "And can you guarantee that my child will get the teacher who has received the least amount of preparation for the job?"

"Um, two of our new teachers only attended five weeks of training this summer," the confused principal replied.

"Wonderful," the woman answered. "And of those two teachers, would you please ensure that my child gets the one who is most likely to leave the profession?"

The puzzled principal hesitated for a moment, "I'm afraid they will both probably leave teaching in two to three years."

"Well then either one will do," the satisfied mother smiled.

"While I'm glad you are satisfied, I must say your request is an unusual one. May I ask why you would want the teacher who is least experienced, least trained and least likely to stay in the profession?"

The woman smiled knowingly, "Oh that's easy. Michelle Rhee said they make the best teachers."


  1. LOL - thanks!

    Oh, and I'd like the teacher that has no education in his/her subject area also.

  2. And I'd like someone who majored in something that the teacher would never think of applying in the classroom, like Michelle Rhee, who studied government, but it never occurred to her that putting tape on 2nd Grader's mouths to keep them quiet might be considered child abuse and against the law.

  3. And she must have a big eraser.. A very big eraser..umm and some duct tape would be a bonus.

  4. To be fair, I think it was masking tape.