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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Common Core: Education Aberrations

Please note: This is NOT satire. 

Visited a school the other day and saw this:
How did China's command economy change in the 1980's?

To which grade was this question addressed?
Third grade, which for most kids is 8 years old. Any answer they give will only be a parrotting of what the teacher said. It will not reflect any true understanding on the part of these young students. How could it? 

It is a perfect example of the crap they pass off as education today. More difficult work does NOT automatically mean more learning - particularly when it is not cognitively appropriate. If it were otherwise, then kindergarteners should write theses.

Please share your own Common Core aberrations of education.


  1. Why do you think that was a Common Core question?

    There are no social studies or history Common Core content standards. And Common Core does not just mean more difficult.

    The Common Core State Standards are explicitly laid out. You can read them. Nowhere in them will you find anything about china for 3rd graders. You won't find anything about econmic systems in them, either.

    To link this to the general thinking behind CCSS, you would have students synthesizing what they have read or heard, and learning to share that in formal learning.

    It's really difficult to criticize an assignment without knowing its context and how it was presented to the students. It's difficult to criticize a lesson without knowing it's goals.

    You saw a bulletin board with this stuff? Well, that's really more of an illustration of the long standing stupidity of bulletin boards of student -- which is done for visitors much much much much more than for students -- than it is an illustrtation of a bad assignment.

    And it does not really provide any evidence about CCSS.

  2. This was on the board too: CCSS ELA RI.3.10

  3. A friend of mine had a third-grade brother take the New York State test this year. Apparently, they had an excerpt from War and Peace.

    I doubt that any of them will want to become English majors after that.

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