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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Who Should Be More Insulted? Courts Will Decide

Coulter objects to being compared to Rhee...
Los Angeles - Ann Coulter has filed a lawsuit against writer Jeff Bryant alleging defamation of character. The offending comment by Bryant appeared in a recently authored piece for "Campaign for America's Future" in which he referred to founder and CEO of Students First Michelle Rhee as "a sort of - 'education Ann Coulter.'"

At a press conference Coulter's attorney, Max Dewey explained his client's lawsuit as follows, "Throughout her career, Ms. Coulter has been called some pretty foul names but to compare her to Michelle Rhee sinks below even the lowest of journalistic integrity levels."

No doubt when Mr. Bryant wrote the article entitled, "Michelle Rhee Misreads 'Shift Among Democrats' On Education" he expected to stir the education policy pot. After all, he describes Rhee as a "lobbyist" and shill for the billionaire-funded so-called "education reform" movement. However, it is also probably true that he did not anticipate being sued by the likes of confrontational, conservative commentator Coulter as she has been called just about every name in the book. However, that is not how her attorneys see it.

.... and Rhee objects to being compared to Coulter
Sanford Cheatem, another partner at the high-powered firm representing Coulter, raised what will no doubt be a point of contention during litigation, when he characterized the statement by Bryant as "disparaging" and said that it had "had negative effects on Coulter's image."

The press conference ended with a plea from the law firm's managing partner Clifford Howe. "People should be aware that words have the power to hurt. Our client's emotional well-being has been compromised by this comparison to Michelle Rhee and we will not let it stand."

When reached for a comment about the lawsuit, Michelle Rhee said she was also considering suing Jeff Bryant for defamation. "Maybe I can join Coulter's suit. After all, no one wants to be compared to her either."

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